Tell Your Senator to Pass the HEROES Act

July 1, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, voters have been forced to choose between their health and their vote. This is profoundly un-American; everyone in this country should have the opportunity to cast their ballot without putting their life at risk. To ensure people across the nation can vote safely during this pandemic, we need common sense voting reform, from expanding vote-by-mail to holding early in-person voting to guaranteeing same-day registration.

This is why we need the Senate to pass the HEROES Act, a critical safeguard for our democracy. The bill, which has already passed in the House, will allocate $4 billion to make these reforms—all of which have bipartisan support among voters. With these measures in place, we can thwart Republicans’ voter suppression efforts and attempts to delegitimize Election Day results. We’re running out of time to implement these crucial changes before Election Day.

Call your Senator today at (844) 942-2935 — you can use this info about the HEROES Act when you do to get their support.

Here is a message you can send voters in your life encouraging them to contact their Senators to tell them to pass the HEROES Act:

President Trump and his Republican allies are doing everything they can to ensure a disastrous election that will suppress many Americans’ votes and allow them to stay in power at all costs. We can’t let that happen. The future of our country depends on legitimate elections that protect voters, poll workers, and the right to vote. Right now the Senate is considering passing the HEROES Act — a stimulus package for the COVID-19 crisis that will provide $3.6 billion to ensure elections and voting can happen safely and securely in November.

Take Action NOW: Tell the Senate to pass the #HEROESAct. We must protect the health and safety of voters and our elections. We need funding to states now and real guardrails to ensure we can vote safely this fall. Call (844) 942-2935

And a sample message and graphic you can share on your social media platforms: 

???? Call your Senators & demand that they pass the HEROES Act now! The Senate must ensure that states have the proper funding to keep voters safe. We should not have to choose between our health and our vote! Call: (844) 942-2935 ☎️