Theory of change

Women are already the supermajority of this country, and we’re already seeing what happens when women mobilize:

  •  1 in 5 Americans has participated in a march or protest since 2016. The biggest issue driving these actions is support for women’s rights.
  • Women donated $100 million more to campaigns and causes in 2018 than they did in 2016.
  • We’ve been the majority of voters in every national election since 1964. In 2018, women helped elect a Congress with a record-breaking 127 women members.

Women are on the cusp of becoming the most powerful force in America. If we can build women’s collective power in this moment and over the long term, we can lift up an agenda that addresses our needs, hold candidates and elected officials accountable, and change the direction of this country for good.

Our Story

Surprise (or not?): Women’s problems didn’t begin on November 9, 2016. For decades, women have been sidelined as a special interest group, rather than treated as what we are: the majority of people and voters in this country. 

Tired of our priorities being sidelined as “women’s issues,” our founders, Cecile Richards, Alicia Garza, and Ai-jen Poo decided that if they connected women of all races, geographies, and backgrounds together in solidarity to organize for their shared values, women could become a powerful force who could change the direction of this country—and on April 29, 2019, Supermajority was launched to do just that.  

Our Vision

We believe in and are organizing for a world where:

  • Women’s equity is a given. 
  • The humanity, dignity, and equality of all people is enshrined. 
  • Everyone has a chance to participate, lead, and make their voice heard.
  • Everyone can decide whether and when to have children, to live in safe communities, and to provide and care for their loved ones.
  • All people can have their basic human needs satisfied, including universal health care, public education, a living wage, a clean environment, and affordable housing.
  • No matter your race, immigration status, religion, ability, age, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity, you have a chance to thrive and succeed.

Learn more about our founding values by reading the Majority Rules and the Super Rule, developed with input from 75,000 women across the country. 

Our mission

Supermajority is a membership-based organization that affirms and builds women’s power and serves as a one-stop shop for advocacy, community building, and electoral participation aimed at transforming our country and building an intergenerational, multiracial movement for women’s equity.

Learn about Supermajority Education Fund

Our leadership*

Ai-jen Poo
Executive director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

Co-director, Caring Across Generations
Alicia Garza
Strategy and partnerships director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

Co-founder, Black Lives Matter Global Network

Principal, Black Futures Lab
Cecile Richards
Former president, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund
Deirdre Schifeling
Senior adviser, Planned Parenthood Action Fund
Jess Morales Rocketto
Political director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

Executive director, Care in Action

Chair, Families Belong Together
Katherine Grainger
Partner, Civitas Public Affairs Group

Adjunct professor, New York University Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

*Organizational affiliations listed for identification purposes only.

Our Staff

Rayaan Ahmed
Paloma Arroyo
Regional Organizing Director - Southwest
Miranda Badgett
Outreach Associate
Susy Bates
National Organizing Director
Cara Bernard
Social Media Manager
Emily Bishop
Director of Development
Amanda Brown Lierman
Managing Director
Grace Caldara Ph.D.
Community Engagement Associate
Libby Chamberlain
Head of Community
Jordan Chapman
National Organizing Associate
Sonia Chou
Senior Associate of Development Operations
Bernadette Cruz
Deputy Director, Operations
Liz Erickson
Head of Learning and Development.
Tanya Garduño
Mobile Campaigns Manager
Yvonne Gutierrez
Head of Community Engagement
Miah Hardy
Social Media Associate
Tessa Harvey
Email Campaigns Manager
Mariama Jalloh
Digital Events Associate
Adora Jenkins
Managing Director, Communications & Brand
Aliya Khan
Digital Organizing Associate
Christina Lewis
Director of Digital Content and Audience
Nicole López
Senior Communications Associate
Chloe Miller
Director of Operations
Sally Mo
Operations Associate
Zack Mooney
Regional Organizing Director - East
T'alyce Murray
Regional Organizing Director - Midwest
Aditi Naik
Director of Talent and Culture
Sascha Oswald
Manager of the Executive Office
Daniela Perez
Communications Associate
Emma Redick
Office Affairs Associate
Ashley Robinson
Deputy Development Director
Maya Rodriguez
Office Affairs Associate
Taylor E. Salditch
Managing Director and Chief of Staff
Allegra Smith
Jalakoi Solomon
Deputy National Organizing Director
Brianna Tucker
Copyeditor Senior Associate
Cortney Tunis
Head of Digital Organizing
Ariana Valderrama
Press Secretary
Jake Vojcek
Operations Associate
Alina Wilson
Community Engagement Intern
Lilly Wu
Deputy Director of Grants and Philanthropic Communications
Julie Zeilinger
Content Manager

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