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Scroll for everything you need to make an impact before Election Day on November 8, 2022.

Looking for your state phone bank link? A guide on how to hold a house party? An explainer for your friends who want to know what you’re doing? You’re in the right place.

*Activate260 is a members-only program. By taking action in this program, you affirm your membership at Supermajority for one year. 


Your guide to the strategy to win in Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, in just a few minutes.

Who is Supermajority?

Supermajority was founded in 2019 by a group of incredible women activists at the frontlines of economic, racial, and reproductive justice. Our co-founders realized that the leading social movements in our country had something in common – women were leading and doing the majority of work, but there wasn’t a place for us to come together across issues and collectively demand change. So they decided to create one.

Supermajority is building a community of women so powerful and united that our leaders have no choice but to make this country work for us