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Call Your Senators

Together we can make care a priority.

The number of caregivers in the United States is on the rise, and women — particularly women of color — are disproportionately caregivers in their families and communities. We have a chance to invest in care this legislative session and build a care economy that works for women.

Call Script

Nervous about making the call? Not sure what to say? We've got you.

It is critical that each and every senator hears from their constituents and knows that women are watching and we demand more. Here are some talking points for your call:

Introduce yourself.

Share your name and city, letting them know you are their constituent and you are calling about investing in care.

Make the Ask.

Everybody needs or will need care eventually, and each of us deserves to be with our loved ones when they need care the most. Will you support the Care Can’t Wait platform?

End on a positive note.

No matter the outcome of the call, we want to make more possible for building a care economy, not burn bridges. Make sure you thank the senator for their time.

If they're a strong supporter:

Thank them and follow up: “That’s great! Thank you for being a champion for caregiving and for women. I appreciate your leadership in Congress.”

If they're hesitant/unsure/no:

“Everyone has or will need to receive care at some point in their lives, and all of us deserve to be there for loved ones when they need care the most. This issue is personal to me.” And then share your care story!

No matter what, make it personal:

It’s important that the conversation feels personal. Think of a time when you or someone you loved needed care. What were some of the challenges? What made it easier or could have made it easier? It doesn’t have to be long (shorter is actually better!) — just share why investments in care are important to you.


Supermajority is part of the Care Can't Wait coalition

Care Can’t Wait is a coalition of organizations working together to win bold investments for care across the lifespan, to elevate care as an issue that requires bold policy solutions, and popularize the notion that care is infrastructure. We are fighting for:

  • Investment of $400 billion in Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services
  • Passage of the Child Care for Working Families Act
  • Passage of Paid Family and Medical Leave Legislation