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1. Find State-Specific Resources.

Click here to find helpful links and resources your home state is offering.

2. Take Action.

Looking to do the most good while our global community combats the Coronavirus? Supermajority has got you covered. Here’s a list of helpful resources and tips for those looking to help l through the lens of our Majority Rules.


Check-in (by phone or text!) with the women in your life—caregivers, teachers, nurses, doctors, restaurant owners, elderly women, friends, neighbors—to see if they have what they need. 

Consider supporting women-owned businesses in your community by purchasing a gift card or making an online order. 

Find non-profit organizations and advocacy groups led by women of color and follow their recommended actions!

Here are a few additional actions you can take: 

  • Sign up to write letters to prisoners, further isolated because of COVID-19.
  • Call for emergency vote-by-mail legislation.

3. Check If Your Primary Election Has Been Updated

Want to help us get out the vote in these primaries? Sign up to join us here.

Montana: June 2, Now voting entirely by mail

Nebraska: May 12

New Jersey: Now July 7, primarily vote-by-mail

New Mexico: June 2

New York: Now June 23, any voter can cast absentee ballot

Ohio: Now April 28

Oregon: May 19

Pennsylvania: Now June 2

Rhode Island:  Now June 2

South Dakota: June 2

West Virginia: Now: June 9

District of Columbia: Democratic primary, June 2

Puerto Rico: Now delayed indefinitely

Guam: Democratic caucus, May 2

Virgin Islands: Democratic caucuses, June 6

4. Stay Informed

At Supermajority News, we’re covering how this pandemic is specifically affecting women — especially the most marginalized among us. Here’s our coverage to date:

May 11: Senator Kamala Harris Introduces Bill To Address COVID-19 Racial Disparities

May 6: Dr. Dona Kim Murphey is Pushing Back Against Harmful Immigration Policies Amid COVID-19

May 5: The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Lead to Millions of Unintended Pregnancies

April 28: President Trump’s Order To Block Immigration Amid COVID-19 Doesn’t Help the Pandemic

April 27: “We Demand More” Coalition Is Pushing Economic and Social Relief for Women Most Impacted by the Pandemic

April 23: Domestic Violence Reports Have Dropped in New York City Amid COVID-19

April 22: Activist Cierra Brown On Why The Fight for Fifteen Is Important Now More Than Ever

April 21: Senator Elizabeth Warren’s New Bill Aims To Help Child Care Industry

April 20: Food Banks Are Working Overtime to Meet Food Insecurity in the U.S.

April 16: The Risk Of Being An Undocumented “Essential” Worker

April 16: More Men Are Doing Housework and Caregiving Amid This Pandemic

April 15: Home Health Aide Adarra Benjamin On How Her Work Has Changed Amid COVID-19

April 14: Black Maternal Health Week Highlights Covid-19’s Impact on Black Pregnancy

April 10: Immigrants Being Detained by ICE Are Concerned For Their Health and Safety Amid Covid-19

April 9: Lack of Internet Access Is Preventing Millions of American Children From Accessing School Online

April 7: Incarcerated Women Are Demanding Protection As Covid-19 Spreads

April 6: Almost Half of Americans Say the Covid-19 Pandemic Has Affected Their Mental Health

April 3: As Unemployment Numbers Rise, Renters Are Particularly Vulnerable

April 1: The Coronavirus Relief Bill’s Effect On Student Loan Payments

March 31: It’s Equal Pay Day. Coronavirus Makes The Gender Wage Gap Even Worse.

March 30: Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Still Doesn’t Address Many Problems Women Face

March 30: The LGBTQ+ Community Is Experiencing Harm and Homophobia in the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 27: Visa Rules are Preventing Some Doctors and Nurses From Helping U.S. Hospitals in Need

March 24: Ohio and Texas Have Banned All ‘Nonessential’ Abortions During the Coronavirus Pandemic

March 24: Latinx Communities Are Hurt By Lack of Accurate Coronavirus Information in Spanish

March 23: Quarantine Shoppers Should Avoid “WIC” Products Designated for Low-Income Women

March 20: Coronavirus Is Putting Even More Strain On The Sandwich Generation of Caregivers

March 16: Coronavirus Outbreak Has Caused Teachers To Pay Out Of Pocket For Cleaning Supplies 

March 10: Coronavirus-Related School Closures Highlight the Lack of Paid Family Leave in the U.S.