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House parties have been around for years — they are a tool used to learn, build power, and build community within a group. House parties are powerful, and they are exactly what they sound like — people gathering together to meet, connect, and make plans. And they are effective! They build relationship because you are able to connect with a group of people on shared values — or if you have different values, talk about why! You are also able to raise collective awareness on what you care about, and then pivot to action. 

We are asking that you host house parties to do a few things:

  • One, these house parties will help you build your squad — you will be gathering a group of folks to work with. We will start by identifying shared values and discussions, but in the future, this is the group you will want to swap articles with, canvass with, feel community with 
  • Two, at these house parties, you will facilitate a robust conversation on gender, leadership, the meaning of community, and what equity in our country looks like. These conversations help us all in raising our awareness of how our identities impact how the world treats us, work together for change, and feel hopeful because together we can make it happen. 
  • Three, you will be take action at the end of your time together. A Supermajority house party will aways end with something you can do to work towards the future we want to see. 

Supermajority Education Fund has put together a few resources to help you host successful house parties.

House Party Training

Supermajority Education Fund – House Party Training

In this video you will learn he why, what, and how of successful house parties. After this training you’ll be able to facilitate a good conversation on what gender equity looks like in our country with a group of folks that come together. We hope you’ll feel, excited, prepared, and connected to one another & Supermajority. Note: This training focuses on hosting a house party to share the Women’s* Poll, however the fundamentals of hosting a house party are universally applicable. 

House Party Toolkits

The Majority Rules Toolkit

Step by step instructions for throwing a Supermajority House Party to introduce The Majority Rules to your squad, and share them with your community.

The Women’s* Poll Toolkit

The poll may be closed, but you can still throw a great Supermajority House Party! Step by step instructions for throwing a Supermajority House Party to discuss The Women’s* Poll questions, and build your squad.