Supermajority Education Fund Launches Initial Ad Buy To Engage Women as Build Back Better Act Debate Continues

3 min readOctober 5, 2021


October 5, 2021


Supermajority Education Fund Launches Initial Ad Buy To Engage Women as Build Back Better Act Debate Continues

Plan to Engage Women Launches Today in Several States Where Women are Suffering

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Supermajority Education Fund announced its plans to organize a multiracial coalition of women around issues like paid leave and affordable family and health care, as leaders in Washington work on the details of the Build Back Better Act. 

The “The Power of Women Voters” campaign launched today with an initial six-figure print ad buy, via full-page ads in newspapers in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Richmond and Hampton Roads, Virginia. The campaign will continue with additional ad buys in digital and print media targeting women in additional states as well as women-focused media outlets. 

“Women are being forced to make impossible choices between earning a paycheck to make ends meet and caring for their loved ones. We are hanging on by a thread and doing everything we can –  it’s the systems that are holding us back,” Supermajority Education Fund Executive Director Amanda Brown Lierman said. “The paid leave and affordable care included in the Build Back Better Act will be a huge help for women and will not only provide some relief in this pandemic, but will start getting us closer to equality for women in this country.” 

The ad, in the form of an open letter penned by Supermajority Education Fund’s new Executive Director Amanda Brown Lierman, urges women to recognize their collective power when they come together across age, race and background and to claim that power as a supermajority. The letter, in part, states:

“Everything that matters for women and those we love is on the line. We are getting closer to eliminating women’s inequality; and our daughters and granddaughters can have a country better than the one our mothers and grandmothers had,” said Executive Director Amanda Brown Lierman in the letter. “When women come together, we create change and this is our time to experience the progress seeded by generations before us.  

The initial ads were placed in these four states as these states capture the experiences of women across the country as they struggle to afford childcare, pay bills, and provide for their families in the midst of a deadly pandemic. For instance, in Michigan women are facing a wider wage gap than the national average, while in Arizona women are seeing child care costs go up 84% since the pandemic began in March. 

The letter was co-signed by nearly two dozen high-profile women leaders including Supermajority Education Fund’s co-founders: Alicia Garza, Cecile Richards, Ai-jen Poo, Katherine Grainger, and Jess Morales Rocketto, as well as others representing a range of organizations that advocate for and represent millions of women including teachers unions. 

Beginning now and working through 2022 and beyond, the Supermajority Education Fund will build a supermajority voting bloc of women by:

  • Building a 5 million member online community who are committed to the Majority Rules (a set of values that, if true, women would have equality in this country) and understand the importance of exercising their right to vote
  • Conducting national research and polling to explain and showcase women’s political power and understand how it can be harnessed for change
  • Investing in women as the innate leaders they are, and training them to be leaders and storytellers in order to get more women to take action on key issues 
  • Being a trusted resource on voting information to address threats to women’s voting participation including apathy and misinformation

Over the next three years and beyond, the Supermajority Education Fund will help women come together across age, race, and background to take action on the issues that matter most to women. For more about the Supermajority Education Fund’s plans, please visit



Supermajority Education Fund focuses on research about the role and standing of women, educates the public about issues of importance to women, and supports policies that advance women. We are making the case and building the demand for the Majority Rules, a set of values that if true, women would have equality in this country. We are shifting the way people think about women’s political power, imagining a different future and using that vision to ignite women’s civic participation.