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One Thing Women in America Should Know

Supermajority's Executive Director Amanda Brown Lierman shares her thoughts

"Let's make sure people hear from us about what is important, about what we need, about what we deserve. And then let's show up to the polls in a way that they never forget who runs the world."

-Amanda Brown Lierman

Ai-jen Poo

“There is a place for them in our movement. And together we can create a future where there’s a place of power and belonging for all of us.”

Alicia Garza

“One thing I wish every woman in America knew is how powerful our votes are. We have the voting power to change the balance of power, and how power operates.”

Cecile Richards

“I wish every woman in America knew how powerful their vote can be in building the future they want.”

“Government has more impact on their life than any other institution: access to quality affordable education and health care, the right to control their body, and the opportunity to raise their family in a safe environment with clean water and clean air.” -Cecile Richards


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