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Seeing Women Run For Office Makes Girls Feel Better About Politics

Lakshmi Gandhi | November 29, 2019 Supermajority Education Fund

While the results of the 2016 election negatively impacted girls’ faith in the government’s ability to help people — especially those who identify as Democrats — their faith rebounded after a slew of high profile women candidates won seats in Congress after the 2018 midterm elections.

The Senate GOP’s VAWA Bill Leaves Native Women Behind

Casey Quinlan | November 26, 2019 Supermajority Education Fund

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), removes provisions that were added in 2013 and which were included in a House version passed earlier this year that aimed to protect Native women from all forms of violence and abuse.

Revealing The Lives Of Homeless Mothers And Their Children

Lakshmi Gandhi | November 25, 2019 Supermajority Education Fund

The report’s depiction of Sherine and Maria’s experiences is, in many ways, representative of the experiences of homeless mothers across the country, as well as New York City specifically, where there are 114,085 homeless students.

Two Women’s Prisons Face Allegations Of Unsafe Conditions

Casey Quinlan | November 25, 2019 Supermajority Education Fund

Plenty of reporting shows that women’s prisons can be rife with unsanitary conditions, toxic cultures, and sexual violence — and that incarcerated women can do little to seek accountability and safety. Two separate, recent cases reiterated this reality.

New Research Highlights Growing Caregiver Crisis

Caitlin Cruz | November 22, 2019 Supermajority Education Fund

Nearly three-quarters of American think there are not currently enough caregivers in the country to meet current needs and see the problem only getting worse as the years go on.

Nurses Across The Country Are Going On Strike

Casey Quinlan | November 22, 2019 Supermajority Education Fund

On November 16, nurses at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle voted to approve a strike, and the week before, nurses of the University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) voted to walk out on November 26.