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Are there races and candidates on the ballot that affect the Majority Rules?

Many candidates support the Majority Rules — our values based agenda that when realized will mean women are supported in the United States. Scroll down to learn what 2022 candidates and races advocate for abortion access, safe and fair elections, and believe in our values.



THE ATTORNEY GENERAL RACE: Dana Nessel is single-handedly protecting women’s freedom to access abortion by blocking an abortion ban from 1931.

THE BALLOT INITATIVE: Abortion is quite literally on the ballot this year. Michigan women could overturn the 1931 Trigger Law that the AG is currently blocking with an injunction. 

THE GOVERNOR’S RACE: Governor Gretchen Whitmer has promised to use every tool in her toolbox to protect women, nurses, and doctors in Michigan.

THE SECRETARY OF STATE: Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s top priority is ensuring free and fair, transparent and secure elections for everyone in the state of Michigan.



SENATE RACE: Cheri Beasley believes the Senate must take action to protect women’s constitutional rights. In addition to repealing the Hyde Amendment, she supports the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade.

STATE LEG: North Carolina is one of the only states left in the South with abortion access. But a supermajority of anti-choice legislators could override a veto by pro-choice Governor Roy Cooper.



SENATE RACE: Senator Mark Kelly was elected in a special election in 2020. He has said he supports a federal law that codifies a woman’s right to an abortion and that late-stage abortions should be protected.

GOVERNOR’S RACE: Katie Hobbs has said that on day one, she will call a special session of the legislature to repeal a draconian 1901 law that bans abortion in Arizona.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Kris Mayes has promised to take the fight for abortion all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary to uphold the Arizona Constitution and the right to privacy over one’s own body.



SENATE RACE: John Fetterman has promised to enshrine access to safe and legal abortion into federal law by passing the Women’s Health Protection Act, as well as fight to repeal the Hyde Amendment.

GOVERNOR’S RACE: Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has said he will be the last line of defense for Pennsylvanians — he will veto any bill that would restrict abortion rights, and he will expand access to reproductive care.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY: If anti-abortion legislators take over the State Senate, they could vote to override the Governor’s veto in order to pass an abortion ban in the state.



SENATE RACE: Rev. Raphael Warnock believes the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is a departure from our American ideals, and is fighting to restore the right of Georgians to make their own health care decisions.

GOVERNOR’S RACE: Stacey Abrams has promised to veto legislation that would further restrict abortion rights and work to repeal the state’s 6-week abortion ban.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Bee Nguyen has said she will defend Georgia’s elections and protect the election certification process by upholding the will of the people. 


We encourage checking out local progressive organization recommendations for action in your state.