This spring we launched a new community called Supermajority, with founding members in all 50 states and leadership from some of the best organizers we know—including Ai-jen Poo, Alicia Garza, and Cecile Richards. Together, we’re building a home for women’s activism to train and mobilize a multiracial, intergenerational community who will fight for gender equity together.

Our goal is to build an inclusive national membership of women who are connected, empowered, and taking action—moving up the ladder of civic participation and advocacy and voting in record numbers. Yes, that’s a big goal, and no, it’s not going to happen overnight. In fact, we think this is the holy grail of organizing.

Women have always done the work. We are the majority of grassroots organizers, volunteers, and voters. But we are so busy doing the work for every issue, campaign, and community that we don’t stop to realize the sum of it all—and how much more we could accomplish if we worked together and supported each other across our issues and experiences, on behalf of gender equity.

We’re excited to share more about what we’re hoping to do! No secrets here.

First, a few truths:

  • Women aren’t an interest group. We are 51 percent of the population and the majority of volunteers, donors, and voters. Yet women still don’t have legislative and political power. Two-thirds of minimum wage workers in the United States are women. The United States ranks 78th in the world for women’s political representation—below Somalia. And American women today are 50 percent more likely to die in childbirth than their own mothers.
  • Supermajority is committed to building for the long term. Good defense is important, but we want to play more offense. We strongly believe that many of our biggest problems require long-term political solutions—and sometimes there’s not an immediate or even a short-term fix. When crises arise, we’ll support and raise up our partners who are working on them, and we’ll also work side by side with them and with you to organize around a lasting solution. Collectively, we can build the kind of world we want to live in.
  • We’re not focused on a single issue. Gender equity isn’t a single, one-and-done issue. In fact, we’d argue that almost every issue is a feminist issue. Climate change? 80 percent of people displaced by global warming are women. Immigration reform? Three-quarters of immigrants to this country are women and children. The economy? Women are overrepresented in low-wage jobs and still make, on average, 80 cents for every dollar a white man makes—and this disparity is even more extreme for women of color. Our theory of change is organizing together and across issues.

So here’s what’s ahead—and, because we’re organizers, where YOU come in.

1. We will build an inclusive and engaged membership community

As our co-founder Alicia Garza put it, women really are the superheroes of this moment, and we’re sending out the bat signal for anyone who shares our values and wants to work for gender equity. The enthusiastic welcome we’ve received even in our first month makes it clear that there are so many people across the country who are hungry for action—and a community to act with.

  • We’re hosting calls with our members. We have some of the best organizers we know on these calls to share their stories, so you can learn from and be inspired by their experiences. We also want to tell you more about what we’re up to, and, if we’re being honest, we want to hear more from you, too! Sign up to be a founding member so you can join our future calls.
  • We’ll be on-the-ground in cities and towns, starting in Austin, Texas, later this month. (You can nominate your hometown.) We’re excited to organize with you, to connect you with local resources, and to work directly with you to build and fight for a gender equity agenda. Which brings us to the next thing …

2. We will collectively develop and champion a gender equity agenda

Women are the majority of the American electorate. We need a government that represents us, works for us, and stands up for us. To get there, we’re going to engage you and millions more to first build and then champion an agenda around gender equity.

  • We want to hear from women across the country to learn what issues matter and most affect our daily lives, what we want to see happen, and what will motivate us to vote. As part of this, we’ll ask you. And then we’ll ask you to talk to your own friends, family, and neighbors to get their input too. Raise your hand to volunteer.
  • We’ll read and aggregate everything that comes in from all of you. We’ll learn from research and polling, and from organizations that are on the frontlines of advocacy. And then, we’ll roll out a values-based platform we can use to hold every candidate accountable to women, as something like our version of the Green New Deal, but for women.
  • We will amplify this agenda every chance we get—with the media, with candidates, with strangers; at town halls, candidate forums, and debates; and more.

3. We will train and mobilize our community to show up at the polls.

We know in order to have the infrastructure necessary to change political outcomes in 2020 and for decades to come, we need to start now! We fundamentally believe that women know how to solve these problems but we need a trained and engaged community in order to make real lasting change.

  • We’ll provide the training and connections to help bolster our skills and confidence as advocates and grassroots organizers. We will create a united force across America that can organize together and then vote together to create the will to make substantive progress on issues—from reproductive justice to affordable child care to equal pay. Tell us what kind of training would be most useful to you.
  • We will engage candidates, and ask them to explain how they plan to address the issues affecting women’s lives across the country. And we will help educate our members about where the candidates stand on the issues you care about—and help women understand why voting really matters.
  • We will then activate millions of women and others—who can then mobilize millions more!—to vote. We’re talking about running a national women-to-women voter education and mobilization program in the country. We will ensure that women are informed, motivated, and counted. Commit now to join us in this effort.

4. And then we’ll keep organizing … beyond the 2020 elections.

Campaigns pack up and leave; that’s what they do. But we’re not going anywhere. This isn’t about this one election, or even one candidate. This is about building the power of women—and giving women the community and tools they need to organize and to ignite transformative change … for good!

Are you in? Join us. Become a Supermajority founding member.

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