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Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority is a Facebook community of 3 million people who believe our stories can spark powerful change. Stay connected with us. Make sure your Supermajority membership is up-to-date and learn more about our community below.


Pantsuit Nation began as a Facebook group founded by Libby Chamberlain and Cortney Tunis in 2016 to create a space where women could share personal stories and reflect on why the election—both as it approached and in the aftermath of its result—was meaningful to them. Over the years, the group expanded into a nonprofit organization with the mission of building the foundation for a more equitable and engaged democracy.

In 2019 Pantsuit Nation combined forces with Supermajority to work together and create an intergenerational, multiracial movement to build women’s political power and make gender equality a reality. The Facebook community continues strong under the name Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority. 


Whether you are sharing your story on Facebook in Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority or joining a volunteer event with Supermajority, we want to connect you with a community of women who are fighting for the same future you are. Find your people, online and IRL, and start building power with us now.



Each member of Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority agrees to follow our community guidelines, grounded in the following three values.

We will LEARN

We accept that change does not happen overnight. It is a slow, often uncomfortable, process and the mistakes we make are an essential, if sometimes painful, part of our learning. We are all actively operating within and unlearning different systems of oppression — including but not limited to white supremacy, patriarchy, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia and ableism. We understand that this is an ongoing process, and often has to be re-learnt by even the most experienced social justice advocates.

  • We are responsible for educating ourselves and do not ask members of marginalized groups to teach us. When someone steps in to offer education, we recognize the labor and we listen.
  • We will use our community resources to learn, teach, and grow our understanding.
  • We recognize that change is uncomfortable, and that we all make mistakes. Each of us has opportunities to make progress through our discomfort and our willingness to learn from our mistakes. Coalitions take time and mutual respect to build.

We will LISTEN, and engage in dialogue with RESPECT

We will listen to those who are marginalized and we will learn from those who point out our biases. We recognize that we all come from different points in our learning. We seek to engage in a way that speaks truth and honesty with clarity, respect, and directness. We recognize that online communication is challenging, and we will take our time to respond with care, we will take breaks, and we will take care of ourselves.

  • We will actively listen and center the voices of those who share their stories.
  • We will respectfully correct one another. We will be firm, but we will not shame, belittle, or dehumanize in our corrections. Respect does not mean acceptance or tone-policing — we will make room for anger, but not for malice. We will disagree but we will not dismiss.
  • We will give the storyteller the benefit of the doubt and refrain from playing devil’s advocate, suggesting another interpretation of events, correcting the storyteller’s grammar/spelling, or questioning the validity of the storyteller’s response (i.e. gaslighting, mansplaining, whitesplaining, or concern trolling).

We tell our STORIES

Stories have been used throughout history, particularly in activist movements, to communicate essential truths and elicit empathy to inspire change and drive action. Stories can make abstract laws and hidden biases tangible and real, and they encourage self-reflection and self-assessment. We affirm that everyone has a story to be told, and as we strive to make the Majority Rules a reality, it is especially important to amplify and center the stories and voices of historically marginalized people.

  • We will speak our own truth. We will not appropriate, steal, or plagiarize stories that are not ours to tell.
  • On other members’ posts, we will not use our own stories to center ourselves and our experiences.
  • We will refrain from derailing a post and decentering conversations by bringing up unrelated topics, sharing irrelevant links, spamming, or commenting with off-topic articles, GIFs, and memes.


We will educate when we have the opportunity and interest. We will amplify voices and stories. We will engage in active listening. We will step back to make space for other voices and perspectives.

Note: Guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of our leadership team.


I will not use racist, homophobic, transphobic, misgendering, antisemitic, Islamophobic, ableist, fatphobic/body-shaming, classist or other discriminatory language.


I will not engage in name-calling or personal attacks. If I believe a person is harmful, trolling, or needs to be removed, I will disengage from the conversation and alert moderators or admins by reporting the comment.


I will educate when I have the opportunity and interest, I will amplify voices and stories, I will engage in active listening, and I will step back to make space for other voices and perspectives.


I understand that I may be removed from the community if I intentionally use discriminatory language to harm, if I engage in personal attacks against other members or community leaders, or if I interact in a manner inconsistent with this agreement or the community principles and guidelines. I understand that community moderators or admins may offer me an opportunity to review these principles as a warning, and that a refusal to adjust my interactions will likely lead to my removal from the group.


I will keep in mind that humor, sarcasm, and snark, is often harder to interpret online. I will take a moment to re-read my comment before posting to see if it might be taken the wrong way or may offend another member.


I will not share stories from this group without the author’s explicit permission, including screenshot comments or posts for use within or outside the community. I will not contact members of this group via private message to solicit them for any reason (donations, purchasing items, joining other groups or organizations, etc.), and I will not share personal information about people (doxxing) even if the information is publicly available.


I recognize that the admins and moderators may set specific rules of engagement for some posts and I agree to follow those rules or simply move on to another post. I will not block any member of the admin or moderation team. I understand that members who have blocked members of the admin or moderation team are likely to be removed from the community.


I recognize that the admins and moderators may decide to close a post to comments for a period of time or indefinitely, and respect their judgment to do so.


I accept that any member, moderator, or admin may choose to step back from a thread for any reason, with or without explanation or warning. I understand that tagging an individual or replying to their comment does not mean they owe me a reply, and that if I am tagged in a comment, it is my choice whether or not to respond.


Every post submitted to Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority is reviewed individually by our moderation team. Because we are interested in amplifying a wide diversity of stories, resources, calls to action, and other types of content (artwork, videos, events, etc.), we do not publish a “one-size-fits-all” set of posting guidelines. That said, please read below for more information on how we select posts for publication in our community.

If you are interested in posting something, please first take some time to scroll through the Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority Group to get a sense for the kind of posts we approve. Most posts are written in the first person and come from personal experience. Posts often engage the community in challenging conversations or compel our community to take action.We work to find a balance in tone, perspective, issue area, length, media type, etc. We aim to amplify the voices and stories of those who have been historically marginalized.

The following are examples of posts that are typically not approved by our team  (with a few exceptions):

  • 💰 SOLICITATIONS: Fundraisers (GoFundMe, KickStarter, ActBlue, YouCaring, etc.) or posts with items for sale (clothing, books, subscriptions, tickets, etc.)
  • 🔥 VIRAL CONTENT: Memes (usually images or graphics with text), copy-and-paste call-to-action/informational posts, or popular videos
  • 👋 BLASTS: Roll-calls, shout-out posts, polls or open-ended discussion questions, breaking news announcements, petitions, requests for legal or other professional advice or recommendations for services, photos without any context, research solicitation, or synopses/analyses of news stories with no personal connection
  • 🌎 LINKS/SHARES: Content shared from other Facebook pages or external websites — i.e. an article from a news source without any introduction or context provided by the person posting. Most link/share posts that are approved in Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority are shared by the content creator themselves (writer, videographer, artist, etc.) or by someone with a strong personal connection to the story/content..
  • 💣ATTACKS: Posts whose primary tone is derogatory, shaming, or accusatory of another individual, group of people, business, or organization.
  • 🚶NARROW FOCUS: Posts that are aimed at a small audience within Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority. For example, an event in a city or town that has no national or online participatory element, or a request for participation in a poll or survey for members who identify a certain way.
  • 🎤 APPROPRIATION OR PLAGIARISM: Posts that address marginalization from a position of privilege, posts that retell a story of or about another person’s experience, or parodies.

The following are examples of posts that ARE typically approved by our team (with a few exceptions):

  • 📚 FIRST PERSON NARRATIVES: Posts that are grounded in personal experiences, often that move members of our community to learn, grow, or take action. Additionally, we recommend:
    • Adding image descriptions for images/photos; adding subtitles to videos whenever possible; getting guardian or parent permission for posting photos that include children who are not your own or the children themselves, And crediting photographers and artists. Our assumption is that posts submitted without crediting another writer/photographer/artist etc. were created by the person submitting the post.
    • Please exercise good judgment in sharing personal information online. 
  •  🎨 UNIQUE CREATIVE WORK: Individual artwork, poems, and other creative outlets, with a particular focus on creators who have been historically underrepresented in our culture.
  • 📰 ORIGINAL ARTICLES AND MEDIA: Articles, videos, and other media that you have personally authored, been interviewed for with a personalized introduction in the post, or other original content  with a described personal connection.

Finally, because of our size, Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority is not like many other Facebook Groups in that we simply cannot approve the vast majority of the posts that are submitted to us, even when they are great.

When in doubt, please feel free to submit a post. Note that we often take several days or longer to review a post, so if it’s still pending we are likely considering it or will soon (there are times when the number of incoming posts overtakes our ability to review them as they are submitted and it can take days or even weeks to catch up). We are unable to follow up individually with each member whose post we do not approve, but please don’t be discouraged if we do not ultimately decide to publish it to the community.

We get hundreds of submissions each day and each post is reviewed individually by our moderation team. This review takes time and there are many different factors that contribute to the review and approval process. Sometimes we are able to review a post within minutes of it being submitted, but more often it takes days or even weeks.

Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority is a private Facebook Group. Due to this privacy setting, posts can’t be shared outside the community. Members who want their posts shared will often make a public post on their personal profile, so we recommend clicking on the profile name to see if there is a shareable version available. If the post links to publicly available content like an article, video, or website, you can share the linked content by copying the URL into your own post. Please do not take screenshots or copy and paste a member’s post onto your own profile. You can also invite anyone you know to join the group to read a specific post or posts.

Because of our size, Pantsuit Nation is not like many other Facebook Groups in that we simply cannot approve the vast majority of the posts that are submitted to us, even when they are great. If each of our members posted just once and we approved 50 new posts every day — which would be far too many for most of us to absorb — it would take over 200 years for us to approve them all.

We typically do not allow members to solicit in Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority. If you are a representative of a progressive organization and you’d like to work with us as a partner on a post in the community, please contact Aliya Khan or Grace Caldara.


Have another question you’d like to see answered here? Email us at

The best way to alert the moderation team of a timely issue on a post is to use the reporting function. You can also send a Facebook message but due to volume we are not able to individually reply to all incoming messages.

Please review our Community Principles above for information on our norms and guidelines. To report a comment, hover on the comment you want to report. Three dots will appear on the right side. Click on the three dots and choose the option “Report comment to group admins.” For mobile, long tap the comment and choose the option “report comment to group admins” Then select the category the comment falls under and the team will be notified.

To report a member who has sent you a private message to solicit their business, organization, or group, or to harass you, send a message to one of the moderators or administrators with screenshots and any relevant information. Please include  the Facebook name and profile picture of the member in the screenshots and message.

Moderators and administrators will have “Moderator” or “Admin” in blue next to their names when interacting or posting in the community, and will also often identify themselves by beginning their comments with “Admin/Mod Comment” or ending their comments with “/admin” or “/mod.” If you are wondering if a person commenting is a moderator or an admin, check the list of admins and moderators in the Members section of the Group.

We don’t always intervene if members are interacting and educating one another within the guidelines of our Community Principles. We work to empower our members to take leadership within the community and want to create space for dialogue to happen without pervasive or duplicative moderator intervention. That said, if you are reading or engaging with content in the community that is harmful or if you would like to request support from the moderation team, please report the comment. With tens of thousands of comments shared in the community each week, we don’t always have the opportunity to read through them all and appreciate your help in identifying those which go against our community principles or where some guidance from our team would be helpful in keeping a conversation productive and meaningful.

We often close comments on posts that are outdated or if we are trying to reach the author of the post but are unable to. We also sometimes close comments on posts during times where we have reduced moderator coverage.

There are a few reasons a comment may disappear. If another member blocks you, you won’t be able to see his or her comments, reactions, or any other Facebook activity so it might appear to you that a comment was deleted. A member may also choose to delete his or her comment, which is within their right. That said, we prefer that members refrain from deleting comments. We learn from our mistakes, and we value accountability and transparency within the community. We ask that members leave their comments up if other community members have taken the time and effort to reply thoughtfully and with resources or personal perspectives to deepen understanding of the issue being discussed. There’s a very good chance that another member in our community had a similar initial reaction and by leaving comments and replies up, we learn together. When a comment is deleted, all of the education that happens in replies is also deleted. Instead, we ask that you edit your comment to add an appropriate follow up.

Finally, our team sometimes (although rarely) deletes comments which contain inappropriate or harmful content.

Current members can invite friends to join Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority and anyone can request to join from the group page. Current members can add their Facebook friends by going to the “Add Members” section on the Group page and entering their name. If you are not Facebook friends with a person you want to add, you can type in their email address and an email invitation will be sent. 

We may mute or remove members from the community when we feel that the actions of the member in our group or in other online spaces is fundamentally detrimental to the principles of our community and the mission of our organization.

Pantsuit Nation Facebook group was founded by Libby Chamberlain in 2016, grounded in the theory that our personal stories can be powerful catalysts for social change. In 2019 the nonprofit and Facebook group of 3+ million merged with Supermajority, an organization to build women’s political power and make gender equity a reality.

While many members of Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority are current members of Supermajority, being a member of the Facebook group does not automatically make you a member of Supermajority. You can join Supermajority as a member here: Membership is free.

In addition to our Facebook Group, Supermajority has a public Facebook Page where we highlight stories, calls to action, and resources. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter. As a member of Supermajority you will have access to the member portal providing you with additional opportunities for member only events and volunteer activities.