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Women are mobilizing across the country to build a future where our bodies are respected. If you’re attending a reproductive rights rally or protest, make sure the Majority Rules are front and center. Get your FREE protest pack, including a downloadable poster and Supermajority sticker and button pack to rep at the next event you attend.


Your poster will be available to download once you fill out the form. The button and sticker set will be mailed in 2-4 weeks.

When you fill out the form, the confirmation screen will have a link for you to download your poster. Left click the image and select “Save As” in order to download the file. You can visit a local printer to have your poster printed professionally.

You can also choose to print your sign at home, just be sure to select “scale to fit” and the poster will print on different sheets that you can glue or tape together.

Together with over 75,000 women across the country, Supermajority Education Fund created the Majority Rules — our demands for a country run on our terms.

Rule 1: Our lives are safe. We live free of fear, intimidation and violence at home, at work and in our neighborhoods—no matter where we’re from, who we love or how we identify.

Rule 2: Our bodies are respected. The health care system takes our needs seriously, from treatment to research to women making decisions about if and when to start a family.

Rule 3: Our work is valued. We are paid equally for our work and get promoted equally too.The jobs primarily done by women—from teaching to caregiving—are valued and supported. All women can retire with dignity and enjoy the life they worked hard for.

Rule 4: Our families are supported. We are no longer forced to make impossible and unfair choices between family and work. Providing the best care for our families, from infancy to old age, is possible and affordable for all of us.

Rule 5: Our government represents us. From the school board to the White House, women are represented. The right to vote is protected and promoted, all voters have access to the polls and every vote is counted.


The lives and experiences of women—particularly women of color—are front and center in addressing all of our nation’s challenges. From climate change to immigration to criminal justice reform, the people most impacted must be at the forefront of the solutions.

You can reach out for questions about your order. Note that due to shipping delays outside of our control, we cannot guarantee your button and sticker pack will arrive by a specific date.