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Join our team as a Supermajor

Join Supermajority’s new leadership program to Get Out The Vote this November – it’s time to LEVEL UP your leadership to help take back our county!


This fall, Supermajority will be engaging millions of women across the country to win for women up and down the ballot. We are talking to women everywhere, but focusing primarily on turning out women to vote in the important states of Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. We need YOU to join us in contacting women to make sure they have the information they need to vote in November so that our voices are heard. 


This year, we are committed to running a one of a kind GOTV program that speaks to ALL women, particularly women of color, and ensures that our priorities are not left behind. We are focused on engaging first time and under-engaged women in strategic states in order to lift up the issues that impact them the most and to ensure voters have access to the most up to date information they need to vote in November. 

Our program will focus on recruiting volunteers of all races, ages, and backgrounds and creating a community committed to taking on the fight for gender and racial equality. We know that gender equality MUST put racial equality at the forefront and that in order to increase turnout amongst women voters, we need effective messengers (YOU!) who are able to have authentic and impactful conversations.


As a Supermajor you will have direct access to:

  • A Supermajority staff member who will support you in your leadership journey as you grow your organizing skills.
  • The most up-to-date resources, tools and information to help you facilitate impactful conversations with women voters (because we know women will decide the next election!).
  • A Slack volunteer network of thousands of other Supermajority volunteers who also want to help us build the largest woman-to-woman voter engagement program because together we aren’t just the majority, we are the Supermajority – and we are unstoppable!

All in service of running the largest woman-to-woman voter engagement program in the history of the country that will: 

  • Send 4.5 million texts 
  • Make 250k calls 
  • Write 50,000 letters 
  • Recruit 5k poll workers to ensure we can safely facilitate the operations of our elections 

Becoming a Supermajor means that you are committing to help us run the largest woman-to-woman voter contact program ever by:

  1. Attending our Supermajority Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Bootcamp Training – On October 3 we will host a half day training where you will be trained on what you will need in order to take action with Supermajority leading up to the election on November 3. The training curriculum includes how to host your own virtual event, how to use our tools to text and call voters, and how to have effective conversations to mobilize women across the country to get out and vote! You won’t want to miss it!
  2. Hosting at least 2 events with Supermajority during GOTV – Between September 15 and Election Day, we will engage women everywhere, but focus our efforts in contacting voters in Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania. We’ll ensure that every woman is registered to vote, has a plan to vote by signing up to vote by mail and/or to vote early, and can get their friends and family to do the same. Whether you host a textbank, phone bank, virtual debate watch party, or a socially distant ballot drop off event, Supermajors will be in charge of ensuring we have a full calendar of actions that SuperVolunteers can take to engage their communities! *We will never ask you to do something that puts your health at risk — events can always be held virtually to protect the safety of our volunteers and their community.*
  3. Creating your Supermajor Squad – We know that we are stronger together and as a Supermajor you’ll recruit two teammates from your network to join your squad and help you host your events, contact voters, and get out the vote! This can be anyone you feel would be excellent co-conspirators as we empower women to use their collective voice at the polls in November.

*Young women and emerging leaders of color are strongly encouraged to join.

How to Sign Up

Click below to sign up and become a Supermajor! -- we can't wait to have you join the team. You can also nominate an emerging leader in your life who we will invite to join us for the upcoming SuperMajor Bootcamp!