Are You #Supervaccinated?

COVID-19 vaccine disinformation is on the rise. Women—who make 80% of all health care decisions for their families in our country—are essential to fighting back. Stop the spread of disinformation by listening to and talking with women about the vaccine, and join thousands of people committed to helping us get to the other side of this pandemic, one conversation and one shot at a time.


We’re not experts, but we know disinformation when we see it. (And we 100% report it). But we’re also proactive. When we read a good article, we post it. When we find a credible source, we share it. A funny AND accurate meme? It’s already in the group chat.


We don’t have to be epidemiologists or doctors to share why getting vaccinated is important to us. So whether it’s finding common ground during the family BBQ or helping a friend overcome their fear of shots so you can spend time together, let’s talk about it.


We’re making sure everybody’s vaccinated for the group camping trip. We’re helping our family members get scheduled and, when it’s safe, we’re offering rides to the clinic. And we’re not missing a chance to post on social media about why vaccination is important to us!

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Share your story about why getting vaccinated is important to you and your family in our Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority Facebook group. Don’t forget to use the #Supervaccinated hashtag!

Resources and Events

Looking for resources to share and guidelines for how to talk to friends and family about the vaccine? We’ve got you covered.

    1. Download and share this on social media so that people in your network know how you can show support!

      2. Watch and share this candid conversation between President Obama, Eva Longoria, and special guests about the COVID-19 vaccines and the disproportionate health impact this pandemic has had on women, particularly women of color.

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