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Bernadette Cruz

Bernadette Cruz (she/her)

Deputy Director of Operations

Bernadette Cruz is Deputy Director of Operations at Supermajority. She manages vendor relations, contracting and invoicing processes, and oversees effective procedures throughout the organization. She supports all organizational functions including financial reporting, tracking, budgeting as well as HR and new hire onboarding. Bernadette is focused on Supermajority’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts ensuring we stand by our commitment to working with a diverse group of vendors whenever possible so they can be front and center in supporting our programmatic work and be at the forefront of the solutions our organization needs. Prior to Supermajority, she spent over five years in marketing and publicity roles in the publishing industry before finding her passion in the nonprofit sector since 2014. Bernadette loves a good road trip full of Whitney Houston singalongs.