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Nichole Kuykendall (she/her)

Online Community Manager

Nichole Kuykendall (she/her) is a Supermajority Online Community Manager. Her daily job is to interact with all the supporters and followers of Supermajority, and engage on stories from those who are on the ground leading grassroot groups, speak to those who have stories to share that highlight current policies being discussed and those who want to join and be a part of a larger community in the fight for change. She loves hearing and sharing these stories and working with a group that takes words and puts them into action. She has worked in social media management for over 10 years, so this position fits perfectly with her love for social media and desire to assist in the connection of an impactful community. In her spare time she can be found making paper greeting cards. She loves taking something old (recycled paper) and making it into something new and beautiful!