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Starting in February, each state will begin to hold primary presidential elections. Here’s a list of every major political party’s 2020 primary or caucus.

A primary election or caucus is a preliminary statewide election that gives voters the opportunity to select delegates, that in turn represent specific candidates, to send to their party’s national convention in the summer. At that convention, those primary election delegates will select a candidate to represent their party in the general election. 

In addition to voting for a presidential candidate in the primary, your state may also have important local and statewide races you for you to weigh in on.

These dates could be subject to change, so we will be sure to keep this post updated, but in the meantime mark your calendar using this list to stay up to date on exactly when it’s your state’s turn to head to the polls or caucuses.

Alabama: March 3

Alaska: Democratic primary, April 4  Now April 10, voting entirely by mail

Arizona: Democratic primary, March 17

Arkansas: March 3

California: March 3

Colorado: March 3

Connecticut: April 28 Now August 11

Delaware: April 28 Now July 7

Florida: March 17

Georgia:  March 24 Now June 9

Hawaii: Democratic primary, April 4 Now May 22, voting entirely by mail

Idaho: March 10

Illinois: March 17

Indiana: May 5  Now June 2, voting in person available

Iowa: February 3

Kansas: Democratic primary, May 2 — Now completely by mail

Kentucky: Democratic primary, May 19 Now June 23, voting in person available

Louisiana:  April 4 Now July 11

Maine: March 3

Maryland: April 28 Now June 2, voting primarily by mail but vote centers and ballot drop off locations can be found here

Massachusetts: March 3

Michigan: March 10

Minnesota: March 3

Mississippi: March 10

Missouri: March 10

Montana: June 2, Now voting entirely by mail

Nebraska: May 12

Nevada: Democratic caucuses, February 22

New Hampshire: February 11

New Jersey: June 2 Now July 7, primarily vote-by-mail

New Mexico: June 2

New York: April 28 Now June 23, any voter can cast absentee ballot

North Carolina: March 3

North Dakota: Democratic caucuses, March 10

Ohio: March 17  Now April 28

Oklahoma: March 3

Oregon: May 19

Pennsylvania: April 28 Now June 2

Rhode Island: April 28 Now June 2

South Carolina: Democratic primaries, February 29

South Dakota: June 2

Tennessee: March 3

Texas: March 3

Utah: March 3

Vermont: March 3

Virginia: Democratic primary, March 3

Washington: March 10

West Virginia: May 12 Now: June 9

Wisconsin: April 7

Wyoming: Democratic caucuses, April 4 Now: April 17, voting entirely by mail

District of Columbia: Democratic primary, June 2 Voting by mail strongly encouraged

Puerto Rico: Democratic primary, March 29 Now delayed indefinitely

American Samoa: Democratic caucus, March 3

Guam: Democratic caucus, May 2

Virgin Islands: Democratic caucuses, June 6


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