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Step 1

Take the Poll

Your responses will be compiled with tens of thousands of others across the country to inform ourselves, the media, and the people who want to represent us about what we care about.

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Or text POLL to 97779 to begin

Step 2

Poll Your Friends

Help us make this the largest survey of people who identify as women ever conducted in this country. Ask five friends or family members to take the survey, too.

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Step 3

Host a House Party

Hosting a house party is like hosting a book club—but this time, to start a conversation about what it would mean to live in a world where women have equal access to power. Sign up to host, and we’ll provide you with everything you need to be successful.

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*We know that gender isn’t binary. When we say women, we mean all people who identify as women. For more about this and other questions about the Women’s Poll, check out our frequently asked questions.