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Our Leadership

Meet the Cofounders

Deirdre Schifeling
Deirdre Schifeling (she/her)
Fight Back Table
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Cecile Richards
Cecile Richards (she/her)
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Jess Morales Rocketto
Jess Morales Rocketto (she/her)
Care in Action
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Katherine Grainger
Katherine Grainger (she/her)
Civitas Public Affairs Group
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Alicia Garza
Alicia Garza (she/her)
Black Futures Lab
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Ai-jen Poo
Ai-jen Poo (she/her)
National Domestic Workers Alliance
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Our Staff

Meet the team

Helen Lee
Helen Lee (she/her)
Design Associate
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Lillian Wu
Lillian Wu (she/her)
Deputy Director of Grants and Philanthropic Communications
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Jake Vojcek
Jake Vojcek (he/him)
Legal, Compliance, and Operations Manager
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Alexia Sanchez
Alexia Sanchez (she/her)
Executive Associate
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Taylor Salditch
Taylor Salditch (she/her)
Managing Director and Chief of Staff
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Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson (she/her)
Deputy Director of Development
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Emma Redick
Emma Redick (she/her)
National Organizing Associate
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Sascha Oswald
Sascha Oswald (she/her)
Manager of Strategic Partnerships
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Zack Mooney (they/them)
Regional Organizing Director
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Nicole López
Nicole López (she/her/ella)
Senior Communications Associate
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Christina Lewis
Christina Lewis (she/her)
Director of Digital Content and Audience Development
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Jane Lee (she/her)
Deputy Director of Product
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Megan Lazaros
Megan Lazaros (she/her)
Design Manager
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Aliya Khan
Aliya Khan (she/her)
Digital Organizing Associate
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Adora Jenkins
Adora Jenkins (she/her)
Managing Director of Communications & Brand
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Tessa Harvey
Tessa Harvey (she/her)
Email Campaigns Manager
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Liz Erickson (she/her)
Head of Learning & Development
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Triniece Cummings
Triniece Cummings (she/her)
Operations Associate
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Bernadette Cruz
Bernadette Cruz (she/her)
Deputy Director of Operations
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Sonia Chou
Sonia Chou (she/her)
Senior Development Associate
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Libby Chamberlain
Libby Chamberlain (she/her)
Head of Community
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Grace Caldara
Grace Caldara (she/her)
Community Engagement Associate
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Emily Bishop
Emily Bishop (she/her)
Director of Development
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Susy Bates
Susy Bates (she/her)
National Organizing Director
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Paloma Arroyo (she/her/ella)
Regional Organizing Director
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Cara Bernard
Cara Bernard (she/her)
Social Media Manager
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Amanda Brown Lierman
Amanda Brown Lierman (she/her)
Executive Director
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