Women are the supermajority 
in this country.

So why doesn’t this country 
look like it?

Our government should look like us.
Our leaders should fight for us.
Our country should work for us.

It’s OUR time. We’re organizing across race, age, and geography to build women’s power through education and meaningful action. Ready to jump in?

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Meet the Superfounders

Many of us have been waiting for this election since the day after the last one. Meet the women who came together to channel the energy and activism born from that moment and build a multiracial coalition to change the direction of this country—for good.
Ai-jen Poo
National Domestic Workers Alliance
Alicia Garza
Black Futures Lab
Cecile Richards
Deirdre Schifeling
Fight Back Table
Jess Morales Rocketto
Care in Action
Katherine Grainger
Civitas Public Affairs Group
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