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One woman can be ignored. Two women can be dismissed. But thousands of women, working together, are unstoppable.


Working toward women’s equality is hard and emotional—that’s why you shouldn’t have to do it alone. We created a free membership community, so that you can make a difference alongside millions of women who get it and get you.


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Dr. Diana K. Lockwood, CT

“Supermajority changed my life, my perspective, and gave me a community of other women who joined me as allies in my goal to dismantle the patriarchy in science textbooks to include stories about women.”

Farah Delance Linot, NY

“I love being a part of Supermajority. I feel strong and powerful. Supermajority helped me unlock my potential as a woman. I learned how to take action and speak for the voiceless. Supermajority supports and promotes my efforts in the women’s empowerment movement.”

Women are 51 percent of the population

Founded in 2019, Supermajority is a membership—based organization dedicated to making women the most revered and respected voting bloc in the country. We believe that getting our representatives to prioritize women is the first step to building a world that does the same.

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