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No room for hate

We’re building a future free of fear, intimidation, and violence at home, at work, and in our neighborhoods—no matter where we’re from, who we love, or how we identify. Learn with us.

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Equal work, equal

Take a deeper dive into pay equity and learn how to build a future where the work disproportionately done by women—especially women of color—is visible, respected, and fairly compensated.

No red pen here.

Why paid leaves

The United States is one of only six countries in the world without any form of national paid leave. In this training, we’ll talk about how that disproportionately affects women and their families, why it matters, and what actions you can take to help pass paid leave now.

Keep it close.

Our bodies, our

This training will teach you about the barriers people of marginalized genders—including women, nonbinary and gender expansive people, and trans men—face in our health care and medical systems, and what actions you can take to build a future where our bodies are respected.

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Go local

This class will teach you about local elections, why they are critical, and how to begin advocating in your community.

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