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On the deep freedom of being yourself


Today’s newsletter is brought to you by Liz Erickson, Supermajority’s director of strategic programs. She develops and facilitates trainings for volunteers and Supermajority members to build the knowledge and skills needed to make the Majority Rules real for all people. From online workshops to in-person convenings, Liz works to build a highly trained group of folks that are an undeniable force for achieving equality.

Hi all! My name is Liz (she/her), and I am truly honored you are taking the time to read this newsletter. This past month, I have been thinking a lot about the joy that surrounds Pride for me — the celebrations during parades, the growing amount of representation I see, and the deep love that I feel for my chosen family during shared dinners.

If you’re like me, you might have a knee-jerk reaction of guilt to that joy. Because at the same time as all of this joy and celebration, we have so far to go — to protect our trans youth and family, to make sure everyone has safe and accessible health care, and to ensure our safety in this world.

However, I feel heartened when I remember that joyfulness has always been at the heart of LGBTQIA+ organizing — that when folks in powerful places denied our existence and legislated away our freedoms, we loved one another all the more fiercely and organized for a different reality to be true. This month, I hope you feel the deep freedom of being yourself and have a beloved, joyful community to do it in. I hope that you feel Supermajority is a community where you are seen and honored, because we sure as hell need you in this family.

Here’s what you’ll find in today’s biweekly newsletter: marking the one year anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson, a reminder on Supermajority Ed Fund’s upcoming programming, critical policy gains in the Midwest, and my weekend reads. Plus, I want to share more of what’s bringing me joy.

Let’s get started:


Tomorrow marks one year since the Supreme Court’s ruling of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which ended the federal right to abortion access and wreaked havoc on our reproductive healthcare system.

Anti-choice politicians continue to attempt to ban abortion nationwide and restrict our reproductive freedoms. But we, the Supermajority, aren’t stopping anytime soon either — not until everyone has the freedom to decide what to do with their own bodies. A majority of people in our country support abortion access, and we know that reproductive freedom is a mobilizing issue: 64% of first-time voters in 2022 said Dobbs is why they came out to vote.

Ready to tell power-hungry politicians to keep their bans off our bodies? Tomorrow, June 24, attend a Women’s March near you, and let anti-choice politicians know we’re just getting started.

And if you’re local to Charlotte, N.C., join Supermajority members, women across the state, and Vice President Kamala Harris (!) for a rally and remarks.


Supermajority Ed Fund’s first session of the free, biweekly, summer event series is happening June 28 and will be centered around Majority Rule #4: Our families are supported. You will hear directly from trailblazers Precious Brady-Davis, a Chicago activist, and Georgia State Representative Park Cannon. Both of these amazing leaders champion advocacy on how to support all families — the perfect topic as we wrap up LGBTQIA+ Pride Month.

RSVP and let Supermajority Ed Fund know you’ll be joining on June 28 at 8 p.m. ET.


We’ve talked about how women voters in Michigan made it possible to pass common sense gun legislation as well as protect abortion access. Well, thanks to voters in another Midwestern state, Minnesota Democrats hold a trifecta, controlling the governor’s seat as well as both the House and Senate. They hold a razor thin margin, with just a single vote in the highest chamber, but that hasn’t stopped them from passing an incredible list of progressive legislation this session.

In just a few months, the legislature has been able to pass paid family and medical leave, free public tuition for low-and-middle income families, a new child tax credit, a state law protecting abortion rights, and a law shielding trans children traveling to Minnesota for gender-affirming care — all among many more wins.

This is in addition to nearby Midwest state Iowa, where abortion remains legal after the state Supreme Court halted a near-total six-week abortion ban just days ago.

Huge, right? That’s the power of women voters, and that’s the change we’re working to replicate in states across the nation by building the largest women’s voting bloc this country has ever seen in 2024.

Sound like something you’re ready to help make happen? Chip in a few dollars to help us stay on track for fundraising this month and meet our goal of raising $10,000 toward women voter programming in June.



  • Mae Martin, all day every day — if you haven’t seen their stand up special on Netflix, you should watch it. And if you are in LA, go see them perform!
  • I’m listening to the audiobook Clap When You Land. It’s a YA novel about two sisters, one in the Dominican Republic and one in Manhattan, and I am very obsessed with it.

Thanks for reading—you’ll hear from another staff member in two weeks.


Liz Erickson (she/her)

Director of Strategic Programs

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