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What’s a debt ceiling?


Today’s newsletter is brought to you by Miranda Patton, our operation and procurement manager. She uses her love for coordinating and organization to help ensure that we achieve our mission and that the humans behind Supermajority have the legal and operations support to reach their super goals.

Hensci! (Hello in Mvskoke.)

I am Miranda (she/her), and it is an honor to grace your inbox today! I recently decided to pour the same energy and love into myself that I do into others. Today, that love looks like half a container of gluten gree Oreos lovingly dipped in homemade peanut butter. Yesterday it was a hot yoga class and a salad I saw on TikTok. I think this is what they call balance!

Nonetheless, let’s get this sugar-powered introduction started! Here are a few more tidbits about me you won’t find on my Hinge profile: I currently call both Texas and Oklahoma home. My experiences in both locations as Black and Native American greatly influenced my desire to join the Supermajority team this past July. Unfortunately, people in this country (especially those who look like me) are often ignored or included later during the campaign cycle only to be later forgotten once the keys to the office are obtained.

It is nice to work for an organization that was created to change that. When I am not using my superpowers to support my fellow Supermajorians, you can find me outside exploring or reading a book in my hammock! I am also a below-par baker, thought-provoker, professional student, and a mom to a small dog Velicorapter named Forrest Magnolia Jenkins IV!

Man, I can’t help but smile as I write because this reflection is forcing me to give myself flowers. In my past work experiences, I was an art teacher, a film editor, an Academy Award determination member, and an event planner; I held positions within local and state government and so much more. When my soul decides to rest, I want to have experienced all of my goals and the goals of the loved ones who came before me. Without a doubt, I know if my ancestors had experienced the love, security, and safety that I have, they would have changed the world.

Here’s what you’ll find in today’s biweekly newsletter: a quick explainer of the debt ceiling and what it means for you, a way to take action with us, an abortion update on everything from North and South Carolina to medication abortion, and our weekend reads.

Plus, I’ll share what’s bringing me joy right now (and I’d love to hear yours, too — just reply to this email!).

Let’s get started:


Next week, on June 1, it is possible that the government could default on its debt — meaning that if Congress doesn’t agree to raise the debt ceiling, we could stall on key legislation that supports people across America, potentially see millions of job losses, and even be pushed into an economic recession.

If that all sounds scary, we get it. It’s alarming. The Biden administration is continuing to negotiate with members on both sides of the aisle to get a bill passed prior to defaulting. But power-hungry politicians are working hard to stall this, attempting to make cuts to critical programs and slide in legislation that can hold us back on climate and more. The truth is, we can’t afford to make cuts to any programs that would prevent people from meeting their basic needs. If Congress wants to reduce the national debt, it should reverse decades of tax cuts for the well-off and well connected — NOT cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, childcare, education, housing, nutrition, or any other vital investments.

Stay tuned for more from us and partners about the debt ceiling and where we go from here.


Our next Superwomen Wednesday action hour is coming up! RSVP now to join us on June 7, 2023. Details to come.

Superwomen Wednesday is a place for the Supermajority community to come together to learn and take action. It is an entry point for anyone new to volunteering and also a place for seasoned volunteers to take meaningful action on a consistent basis.


Last week, in North Carolina, the state legislature denied the will of voters and overrode Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of a 12-week abortion ban. Meanwhile, in South Carolina this week, the state Senate forced through a six-week abortion ban that was signed into law by the governor yesterday, May 25. And last but not least, we are still watching federal courts for a decision on FDA approval of the abortion medication mifepristone.

As we approach nearly one year since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the constitutional right to abortion, it is increasingly clear that in the states where the women’s voting bloc was invested in and prioritized, we were able to hold onto critical reproductive freedoms — and in states where power-hungry politicians made it to office, we are in deep need of reform and life-saving full abortion access.

Growing the women’s voting bloc for 2024 is how we ensure our bodies are fully respected. We need you with us now.



  • Planning vacations with Alexis and Chayla.
  • Watching Peaky Blinders and Ted Lasso with Evan and Chesleigh.
  • Seeing my parents celebrate 41 years of marriage while being honest about every valley and peak.
  • Finding a pair of shorts that have been missing for quite some time.
  • Dressing Forrest up like a human child.
  • Enjoying tea parties with my Mom.
  • Logging in to work.
Miranda and friends.
Miranda in a hammock.
Miranda's dog.
Miranda's tea parties with her mom.


Thanks for reading—you’ll hear from another staff member in two weeks.


Miranda Patton (she/her)

Operation and Procurement Manager, Supermajority

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