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Statement from Supermajority on Women’s Equality Day
2 min read • August 26, 2022
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August 26, 2022
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August 26, 2022

Statement from Supermajority on Women’s Equality Day

Plan to Engage Women Launches Today in Several States Where Women are Suffering

Washington, D.C. – In recognition of Women’s Equality Day, Supermajority Executive Director Amanda Brown Lierman issued the following statement:

“Today we mark the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution. This historic amendment would not have been possible without the brilliant organizing of a multiracial coalition of women that was determined to ensure our country fulfilled its promise of democracy for all.

“Still, we must acknowledge that despite women of color’s immense contribution to the suffrage movement, the 19th Amendment only guaranteed white women’s access to the ballot. Though their right to vote should have never been blocked, Black, Native American, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and Latina women were undeterred and kept fighting for decades until they were all afforded the same right.

“Our foremothers serve as a powerful reminder: Our feminism must be intersectional, and we must continue the struggle for equality no matter the opposition we face. When we organize together, there are always wins to be had. Today, women continue to refuse to stand idly by as our freedoms are slashed. Women are the supermajority of voters in the United States; we are organizing and showing up to the polls in record numbers. Each day, we are building a more equal world and honoring the sacrifices of all the women who came before us –– and we will not stop until our rights are safe and our lives, bodies, work, and families are finally valued.”

Supermajority is a women’s equality organization made up of women of all backgrounds, races, and ages who are coming together to build a voting bloc committed to creating a future where we are all truly equal. Supermajority is dedicated to building women’s collective political power by providing the information, training, and resources needed to take meaningful action at the local, state, and national levels.
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