Supermajority Executive Director Amanda Brown Lierman Responds to President Biden’s First State of the Union Address

Taylor Salditch

Taylor Salditch

2 min readMarch 1, 2022


March 1, 2022

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Washington, D.C. – Amanda Brown Lierman, Executive Director of Supermajority and one of the youngest women of color to head a major progressive, multiracial women’s organization, released the following statement in response to President Biden’s first State of the Union Address:


“Women are the backbone of our democracy. We came together across age, race, and background to vote President Biden into office with a mandate to prioritize the issues that we care about. We’ve raised our voices to demand paid leave, affordable child care, reproductive freedom, and voting rights. Tonight, President Biden made it clear that he will continue working to answer our call to build a better country for our daughters than the one we inherited.


“With the historic nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court of the United States, President Biden took a giant step towards ensuring that our government represents us at every level. He fulfilled a crucial campaign promise to nominate a Black woman to our country’s highest court, and Judge Jackson will be a vital advocate for our rights on the bench. We are also heartened by his successful appointment of more than 40 federal judges, including numerous brilliant women, who represent the diversity of our country.


“We are encouraged by President Biden’s commitment to helping working families, which will provide women—especially women of color—relief we need to recover from the pandemic. We look forward to President Biden delivering for the millions of women who voted him into office by fulfilling his promise to work with Congress to lower costs for all Americans.


“We still have work to do. We will continue to push for paid leave, because no woman should have to choose between caring for herself or a loved one and earning a paycheck. We will continue to advocate for legislation protecting the freedom to vote, which is critical for the health of our democracy, our representation, and our progress. And we will keep fighting for our reproductive freedom, which has never been in greater danger.


“We will continue to demand a world where our lives, bodies, work, and families are valued and our government represents us. Women are the supermajority of voters in America, and we are powerful. We will not rest until our voices are heard and progress is made.”