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Supermajority announces new executive director ahead of pivotal year for women voters
0 min read • January 10, 2024
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January 10, 2024
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January 10, 2024

Supermajority announces new executive director ahead of pivotal year for women voters

Taylor Salditch steps into leadership role following tenure with Supermajority since its founding


WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Supermajority announces the appointment of Taylor Salditch as the organization’s executive director. Salditch, a founding staff member of Supermajority, has been a part of the organization since its inception in September 2018. Prior to joining Supermajority, Salditch was a member of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

“We are thrilled to have Taylor’s leadership and vision guiding Supermajority’s efforts to mobilize women voters during an election year of unparalleled importance. From Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016, where I first worked closely with Taylor, to Supermajority, I have seen Taylor’s work building women’s political power up close for years. Taylor deeply understands how to connect with Supermajority’s universe of voters and meet them where they’re at, and has one of the sharpest strategy minds I’ve ever met. This made her the perfect candidate to be Supermajority’s first staff member, and she has had an outsized role in shaping the organization from Day One. We are confident that with her leadership, Supermajority will continue to work towards justice and create a future where women are truly equal participants in shaping our world,” said Jess Morales Rocketto, Supermajority board member and chief of moonshot strategy at Equis.

Salditch has led Supermajority’s campaigns to mobilize millions of women voters in critical election cycles since 2020. Under her tenure as interim executive director of both Supermajority and its sister organization Supermajority Ed Fund in 2023, the Ed Fund completed its first deep-dive into the hearts and minds of high-potential young women voters ages 18-35. Supermajority also trained more than 4,000 members to make nearly 500,000 attempts to contact young, infrequent women voters in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

“Supermajority was founded on the resilience of women who are the change agents required for meaningful progress on issues that affect everyone, ranging from abortion access to protection of transgender rights, from eliminating student debt to ensuring all workers earn a living wage. I am so proud and filled with gratitude for the incredible strides Supermajority has made in naming and elevating the existence, power, and importance of the women’s voting bloc, and I could not be more honored to continue this critical work as its leader. Our work in 2024 is more vital than ever before. Supermajority is laser-focused on growing our values-based organizing approach in key states that decide election outcomes, advocating for policies that promote gender equality, and amplifying the voices of women from all walks of life,” said Taylor Salditch, Supermajority executive director.

In 2024, young women—including the 400,000 infrequent and non-voting young women who make up the estimated margin of victory—will continue to be the difference in protecting the White House, the Senate in key states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and state and local races in North Carolina and Georgia, influencing policies and decisions so that the Majority Rules are real for everyone.

“The 2024 election is critically important to make progress on a host of issues that matter most to women—including a care agenda that would make access to care at every stage of life accessible and affordable for all. Because of these stakes, we need movement leaders who will not take it for granted that young women (many of whom are already caregivers) will vote or treat them as an afterthought. Taylor has solidified Supermajority’s track record of turning out voters who have felt left out or ignored. These are the same young women Supermajority plans to mobilize in key states who know the real potential of this election cycle to get our country closer to its ideals, but only if they keep showing up,” said Ai-jen Poo, Supermajority board member and president of the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

“When I launched Supermajority with my co-founders, we sought to help the women’s movement meet the overwhelming demand for ways to take action and bring together those who saw the 2016 election as a wake-up call. I never could have imagined that, nearly five years on, Supermajority would be 500,000 members strong, representing women across age, race, background, and geography. Taylor has been integral to building Supermajority’s hallmark organizing programs that equip women anywhere with the knowledge and tools they need to demand a government that represents and works for all. The road ahead is challenging, but I’m excited and hopeful for what’s next,“ said Cecile Richards, Supermajority board member and former president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund.




Supermajority is a women’s equality organization made up of women of all backgrounds, races, and ages who are coming together to build a voting bloc committed to creating a future where we are all truly equal. Supermajority is dedicated to building women’s collective political power by providing the information, training, and resources needed to take meaningful action at the local, state, and national levels.

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