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Supermajority on anniversary of Roe and future of women’s reproductive freedom
0 min read • January 22, 2024
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January 22, 2024
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January 22, 2024

Supermajority on anniversary of Roe and future of women’s reproductive freedom

Executive director Taylor Salditch says women will continue to vote to codify abortion access in 2024


WASHINGTON, DC — Today, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark case which created a federal right to abortion and was overturned by a conservative Supreme Court in 2022, Supermajority’s executive director, Taylor Salditch, issued the following statement: 

“Fifty-one years after Roe formally established protections for abortion, we are in the aftermath of a devastating decision by an unelected Supreme Court to end our freedom to safe, legal abortions. Fourteen states across the country have enacted abortion bans since Roe was overturned, putting millions of people at risk, and power-hungry politicians are working overtime to criminalize people across the country for accessing basic healthcare. 

“As reproductive justice leaders have been reminding us for so long, Roe was the floor, not the ceiling. Even under Roe, for women of color and women in the working class, full reproductive freedom has never been possible. Women will decide the future of this country, and that includes true reproductive freedom for all and a government that respects all of our bodies. I have a strong belief that, thanks to women voters, abortion access will continue to be codified into state constitutions across the country—just like it has been in Michigan, Ohio, and Vermont. In 2024, women—especially young women—will not allow their lives, their bodies, and their futures to be pawns in power-hungry politicians’ games.”




Supermajority is a women’s equality organization made up of women of all backgrounds, races, and ages who are coming together to build a voting bloc committed to creating a future where we are all truly equal. Supermajority is dedicated to building women’s collective political power by providing the information, training, and resources needed to take meaningful action at the local, state, and national levels.

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