Supermajority Supports President Biden’s Executive Order Protecting Access to Reproductive Health Care Services

1 min readJuly 8, 2022

Washington, D.C. In response to President Biden signing an Executive Order protecting access to reproductive health care services, Supermajority Executive Director Amanda Brown Lierman issued the following statement:


“We applaud President Biden for stepping up to the moment and safeguarding our access to reproductive care. This Executive Order shows the Biden Administration is willing to fight for women while our rights are under attack. 


“The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade put the lives of millions of people, especially women of color, in danger. The decision pushed us into a new era where my three young daughters have fewer rights than I or their grandmother had.


“While this Executive Order is not the only solution to this arcane and restrictive ruling, it is a critical step towards safeguarding our ability to choose. But we must continue to work until our lives are safe and our bodies are respected. 


“We cannot stop until Congress enshrines the right to safe, legal abortion care into law. Our freedom should not be gambled for political gain. Women –– as the majority bloc of voters –– have to show up to the ballot boxes and keep our elected leaders accountable. We will not stop organizing, voting, or protesting until our reproductive freedoms are permanently safe.”




Supermajority is a women’s equality organization made up of women of all backgrounds, races, and ages who are coming together to create a future where we are truly equal. Supermajority is connecting women with each other, and building on our collective power by providing the information, training, and resources to take action in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and in the voting booth.